Session Days


Cohort members meet their fellow participants, presenters and members of the Out In Front Board of Directors. An overview of the next 9 months and an opportunity to ask questions is provided.

Leadership Retreat

Participants discuss what it means to be a leader, discover their core values, leadership and communications styles and understand how local LGBTQ history informs the decisions of tomorrow. The cohort considers the concept of servant leadership and what motivates people to lead. The retreat also includes opportunities for cohort team-building and networking.

Business Savvy

Participants study and discuss the importance of stewardship, accountability and responsibility for community resources. The cohort learns board skills and how to read and understand non-profit financial statements as well as how to contribute to a strategic plan. Fund development professionals train on fundraising techniques and methods.


The cohort examines models of coalition building, movement theory and organizing styles. Participants identify their own style of community organizing and look at the role of allyship as a means of developing durable, effective social movements.

Public Speaking

How does one create and deliver an effective speech? The cohort learns step-by-step skills for crafting a speech, and has an opportunity to deliver a speech before a camera. In addition, participants are trained on tested strategies for responding to hostile audiences.

LGBTQ Diversity Retreat

A powerful and challenging two-day retreat brings a broad spectrum of presenters, panels, group discussions and activities to the issues of LGBTQ diversity. The cohort discusses how various identities impact our interactions and why understanding the diversity within the LGBTQ community—and the need for the inclusion of multiple voices and perspectives—is essential to effective leadership.

Legislative Advocacy

The only weekday session, the cohort spends the day at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia during the legislative session. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the legislative process and the tools and skills needed for interacting with government. The cohort learns how to lobby legislators and gets hands on practice through legislative visits with LGBTQ elected officials and staff.


How and when do we use which media to effectively communicate a message? Participants are challenged to consider the various forms of media – print vs. broadcast vs. social/new media – and are trained in the skills for selecting and interacting with each of them to change hearts and minds or motivate people towards action. The cohort learns to communicate effectively by developing and staying on a compelling and persuasive message.

Finding Your Place

An introspective look at the participant’s own passions and motivations with a view to the broad array of issues our LGBTQ community faces, this day focuses on helping guide participants toward the opportunities for service at local, regional and national levels. Participants discuss how national issues impact local leadership, how their own talents, interests and values can best make an impact and what their next steps for servant leadership might be.

Sustainable Action

How can we sustain ourselves and our community in the midst of change? What does your future hold? How will you apply what you’ve learned? Participants learn skills for sustaining themselves and how local organizations have adapted to the needs of our community. Participants are guided through a process of developing a personal action plan which includes a mission, vision and values statement.

Rev. 2/2017