Tuition Policy

Out In Front is deeply committed to socio-economic diversity in our cohorts, and as such, we prioritize making the program affordable to all participants, regardless of financial circumstances. We are proud that we have never had to turn away a participant for financial reasons. We seek participants who come from diverse professional backgrounds, and we welcome applications from people who are working in the non-profit sector, the public sector, and the private sector, as well as applications from students and people who are currently unemployed. All are encouraged to apply.

Out In Front certification and participation in the graduation ceremony are dependent on having met your tuition obligations.

Participants with demonstrated financial need may request to pay tuition on a sliding scale. If you would like to request tuition on a sliding scale, please complete the Sliding Scale Request Form.

The actual cost to Out In Front to have a participant in the program is over $3000/year. Full tuition, however, without tuition assistance, is $1500. As such, even a participant paying “full” tuition is receiving a subsidy to participate. This subsidy is provided through the generous support of community members, local businesses, and other Out in Front donors.

Out In Front encourages participants to seek full or partial tuition reimbursement from their employer whenever possible. A suggested Letter of Request for Tuition Reimbursement is available upon request for participants to modify for their own place of employment.

Out In Front also offers flexible payment plans (for up to 10 months). You can choose a payment plan that works best for your budget.


Prior to the third session, participants who must withdraw from the program for any reason may receive a refund prorated on the basis of sessions attended. Tuition is not refundable after session three.

Rev. 02/2017