About Us

What is Out In Front?

Out In Front’s mission is to foster the development of effective, engaged, and passionate leaders in order to build a thriving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. We do this through training, networking, and mentorship – connecting participants to some of the foremost current leaders in our LGBTQ movement. From the non-profit sector, to government, to the corporate world, Out In Front strives to provide a diverse look at the ways in which our community works for equality, and the ways our community can more effectively reach out to our friends and allies.

Why Out In Front?

Out In Front was founded in 2005; a pilot program was offered in 2009 following four years of organizing, research, and development work. Out In Front inspires individuals to examine issues relevant to the LGBTQ community, learn from their experience and apply new skills. The program’s approach to content-based skills acquisition covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from community organizing to effective board service; public speaking to crafting public policy; leveraging social media to collaborating with organizational allies outside of the LGBTQ community. The hands-on training is conducted by established local, regional, and national community leaders who, like our students, represent a wide variety of backgrounds and professional fields. Sessions include interactive activities, small group and whole-class discussion, and presentations.

While Out In Front has modeled itself after such well-known programs as Leadership Tomorrow, it is the fact that it serves a completely LGTBQ audience that sets it apart. Unlike other leadership development programs, the members of the Out In Front cohort represent the majority during the program. This establishment of a truly safe space provides opportunities for these leaders to explore their skills and talents, and enhances their personal and professional journey.

Out In Front encourages its alumni to take up the yoke of leadership in every aspect of their lives, whether professionally or personally, through activism or entrepreneurship, serving others or building a career. Out In Front creates the leaders of tomorrow, those who will take their places in both the LGBTQ and broader community.

Is Out In Front for me?

Out in Front strives to serve the broadest definition of the LGBTQ community. We welcome anyone with a passion for working toward equality, social justice, and the time and energy to commit to the intensive training program we’ve built. Wherever you come from and wherever you’re going. Contact us if you have questions.

Who runs Out In Front?

Founded in 2005, Out in Front is led by a dedicated Board of Directors and volunteers,  LGBTQ leaders from across the Northwest and beyond, who bring a wide range of experience in politics, non-profit work, the business community, and a variety of other fields. Check out our Leadership section to learn more about our Board and Committees.

What will I learn?

Over a series of 8 days, divided into 6 modules, the program’s curriculum guides the cohort through a series of topics. Each module builds upon the prior, with a laddering effect that not only deepens the individual’s knowledge of the topic, but provides opportunities for the individual to put the skills into practice. The cohort model encourages an environment of trust and security, necessary for the participants to examine themselves and delve deeply into topics of both a personal and psychological nature.