Out In Front Leadership

Out In Front is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and served by two committees.

Board of Directors

Hannah Chapin (OIF ’14), Co-President

Kenneth Smalley (OIF ’17), Co-President

Elayne Wylie (OIF ’10), Vice President

Brandon Chun (OIF ’14), Secretary

Claire Yunker (OIF ’13), Treasurer

Jordan Goldwarg (OIF ’14), Immediate Past President

Evan Hunter-Wright (OIF ’09)

Heather Purser (OIF ’15)

Michael Cargill (OIF ’16)

Molly Gordon(OIF ’16)

Steven Sawyer (OIF ’17)

Program Development Committee

Michael Cargill (OIF ’16), Chair

Andrew Metry (OIF ’18)

Brennon Ham (OIF ’18)

Chad Minnick

Claire Yunker (OIF ’13)

Deb Salls

Erick Seelbach (OIF ’09)

Hannah Chapin (OIF ’14)

Joey Lopez

Kenneth Smalley (OIF ’17)

Laura Wulf

Molly Gordan (OIF ’16)

Tracy Patterson

Tracy Flynn

Troy Hewitt (OIF ’17)

Engagement Committee

Evan Hunter-Wright (OIF ’09), Co-Chair

Pierre Bradette (OIF ’15), Co-Chair

Deb Kunigonis

Lisa Schuchman

Nicola Longo (OIF ’19)

Troy Hewitt (OIF ’17)