Participation Agreement


Participants in Out In Front agree to the terms of the current Tuition Policy.

Information and Image Release
Out In Front may use information you provide in your application for the following purposes consistent with our mission: determining your admission status, planning program curriculum and activities, and preparing guest speakers. Photos, video, your name, anonymous program evaluation information, and general demographic information may be used for marketing the program to prospective donors and future participants.

Participate in Good Faith
Out In Front’s curriculum is designed to challenge its participants. Moreover, Out In Front’s cohort is selected with diversity of opinion and background in mind. The program is in many ways intended to represent a microcosm of what participants can expect to face working in and/or for the LGBTQ community. While Out In Front’s organizers work diligently to provide a safe environment for all of our participants, discussions and activities will sometimes deal with topics that are of a sensitive nature. Participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully, in good faith, and with an open mind.

Rev. 2/2017